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It seems like there are so many shows on TV featuring amazing, unique homes. You can find houses shaped like a sea shell, a shoe or even a guitar. There are even homes being built using shipping containers!

It seems like there are tons of shipping container homes out there! I love looking at unique homes on sites like Pinterest.com and have recently become fascinated with homes made out of shipping container homes. How can someone live in an 8x20 metal container? I really want to know why, how and how much does something like this actually cost?

In my searches, I came across a 1,920 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for sale in lovely Victoria, British Columbia for $728,000. Wow! If Canada isn’t the place for you, maybe a home in the Hamptons would work. For nearly $1.4 million you could own a luxurious beachfront home constructed of 6 repurposed containers. While I don’t think I could manage to live in one of these homes, I certainly appreciate the creativity that goes into these repurposed creations! Shipping Container Homes on Pinterest

Chances are you will not come across many homes made from shipping containers in the Boise area, though I do know that there a couple of homes shaped as castles nearby. There are plenty of builders in the area that can help you create a unique home for yourself and your family! If you are looking for a custom home or maybe even a “normal” everyday home let one of our agents guide you through the process. At Build Idaho,  we have plenty of experienced real estate professionals ready to help you find your dream home!

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