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"How well your monitoring your credit score?" Asks Core Group Realty

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Is your Credit Score Inches from a Touch Down?
Angela Mae asks, "Did you know that every time you receive a credit or insurance offer in the mail, your credit score has just received a tick-mark against you?"
Each time a potential creditor "peeks" at your credit, that can damage your score - all of that "peeking" and junk mail stacking up on your kitchen counter can really start to have an effect on your overall credit score.
You can prevent potential creditors from causing further damage by visiting OptOutPrescreen.com. This official, safe, site allows you to opt out from these mail offers for a full 5 years or permanently. This simple 5 minute process can help jump your credit score as much as 10 points within a week!
To talk to a HouseHuntersofIdaho.com partner lender about your credit score, click here!
Happy Credit Boosting!
Posted by JessicaD at 11/19/2012 11:16:00 PM

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