Top Five Things to think of before you buy or build a new home Main Boise Idaho New Construction
These things are not included in the price of a home?
  1. If you buy the home, how much $money do you need for additional Furnishings?
    If you are getting a bigger home don't forget that you may need additional furniture from beds to couches to chairs.
  2. Does you current decor match?
    If you move from a home with rustic or outdated furnishings, will it work in yoyur new home. If it has a modern theme, probably not
  3. Does everything fit?
    Can you get that king size mattress in the room where it will go? Does you 12' long couch fit along the wall as you anticipate?
  4. Are you buying a home for something you already have?
    Are you bringing a hot tub- is the home already setup with a 220 volt where you need it? Is there a natural gas access on the porch for your grill?
  5. Is the garage the right dimension?
    Don't assume the garage door is tall enough for your RV or long enough!
Posted by tlangford at 12/27/2012 9:47:00 PM
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