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Canyon County 2012 Top Builders Report

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Here is the list of top builders in Canyon County including building permits in Nampa, Middleton, Caldwell and the outer regions like Melba and Parma.

 2012 Top Canyon County Idaho Builders

Based on Total Building Permits

List is Canyon County building permits only

Building Company


Idaho Contractor Registration No. Office Location

Total Canyon County Building Permits

CBH Homes Corey Barton RCE-923 Meridian 227
Hubble Homes LLC Don Hubble RCE-49 Meridian 130
Coleman Homes Thomas Coleman RCE-26249 Meridian 41
Cotner Building Co John Cotner RCE-1042 Meridian 12
Young American Homes Jerry Smith RCE-59 Nampa 11
Chaney Stotts Const Inc Chaney Stotts RCE-6605 Notus 10
Kevin Howell Const Kevin Howell RCE-1104 Boise 10
Triple Crown Const Brad Piper RCE-7858 Meridian 8
Lanco Inc David Bills RCE-719 Nampa 7
Tradition Custom Homes Spencer Kofoed RCE-732 Middleton 7
Pioneer Homes Brian Falck RCE-4897 Nampa 6
TKO Custom Homes Todd Ostrom RCE-336 Twin Falls 6
Bill Pugh Const Bill Pugh RCT-634 Caldwell 5
Bradshaw Const Sallie Palleria RCE-885 Caldwell 4
Meadowbrook Homes Phil Jimenez RCE-3050 Nampa 4
Riverwood Homes Greg Johnson RCE-22512 Meridian 4
Stealth Dev Stephen White RCE-24343 Nampa 4
Oaklund Const Gene Oaklund RCE-2673 Caldwell 3
Ramsey Const Jason Ramsey RCT-646 Middleton 3
Shadow Mountain Const Donald Flynn RCE-1844 Eagle 3
Diamond B Construction Joseph Busby RCE-3653 Meridian 2
Eaglewood Homes Abram Neider   Meridian 2
Gray Works LLC Tyler Ashton   Middleton 2
Greencastle Building LLC Adam Fuhrman RCE-33196 Nampa 2
Hibbard Const Jeff Hibbard RCE-1128 Caldwell 2
J&W Custom Homes Jeff Bell RCE-594 Meridian 2
Joshua Morrison   RCT-29967 Nampa 2
Kinzler Bldrs & Dev Chip Kinzler RCE-807 Nampa 2
Legacy Homes Nate Samson RCE-32944 Boise 2
RDH Homes Dirk Marcum RCE-29778 Meridian 2
Todd Campbell Todd Campbell RCE-265 Garden City 2
Value Homes of Idaho Keith Rowley RCT-10835 Parma 2
Westminster Homes Jason Porter RCE-30279 Eagle 2
Berkeley Building Co Joe Atalla RCE-26021 Boise 1
Binns Const James Binns RCE-450 Nampa 1
Brent Reynolds Const Brent Reynolds   Greenleaf 1
Builders Unlimited Don Hubble   Meridian 1
Canyon County Habitat Marcia Davis   Caldwell 1
Castle Construction Ron Reed RCE-325 Caldwell 1
Cornerstone Builders     Meridian 1
Cuthill Const     Meridian 1
Dave Randall Const     Caldwell 1
Eagle Energy Concepts Inc     Meridian 1
Elordi Homes Inc   RCE-2163 Meridian 1
Envision 360 Inc Chad Olsen RCE-28919 Meridian 1
Glidden Const     Boise 1
Hammett Homes Craig Hammett   Eagle 1
Heartwood Homes Nicholas Davis RCE-4435 Caldwell 1
Hill Built Custom Homes Keith Hill RCT-12891 Nampa 1
Inland Builders Thomas Lynch   Nampa 1
Jensen Homes     Caldwell 1
Kevin Rowley   RCT-10835 Meridian 1
L&L Schaffer Homes  Lance Schaffer RCE-2733 Nampa 1
LRS Funding LLC DBA Sunrise Homes       1
McMillan Construction Lyle McMillan RC13685 Nampa 1
Mike Myers Construction Mike Myers RCE-911 Caldwell 1
Oropeza Enterprises Eddie Oropeza   Caldwell 1
Pallesen Builders Inc Brian Pallesen RCE-794 Nampa 1
PJB Construction     Nampa 1
Randy Gingrich Const Randy Gingrich RCT-10450 Nampa 1
Robert Myers Const Robert Myers   Caldwell 1
Roth Homes Steve Roth RCE-2486 Eagle 1
Scott Tutt Builders Scott Tutt RCE-2429 Boise 1
Shaw Construction   RCT-30820 Kuna 1
Solitude Homes Cody Weight RCE-22662 Garden City 1
Sunrise Homes Lance Synder   Star 1
Tamarack Const Trenity Jacobs RCT-630 Nampa 1
Tradewinds General Contracting Steve Martinez RCE-29782 Boise 1
Tresidio Homes Jon Hastings RCE-27875 Meridian 1
United Family Homes     Nampa 1
Upland Homes Chi Cheng RCE-2522 Nampa 1
Wallace Custom Homes Craig Wallace   Star 1
Your Real Estate Solutions     Boise 1


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