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The real estate market continues to evolve and even for local brokerages.

Idaho Real Estate ServicesIn the business world, you must be competitive or die. Interesting evolution in brokerages for Realtors® in that there used to be several major brokerages and now we are seeing two trends

  1. Within a brokerage 'Groups' are formning. Though they are not a brokerage, they have their own branding. Many of these are using the services of the brokerage to because they need a broker and while they may want the credibility of the brokerage, they run themselves separately for the most part. Many Realtors are choosing low cost real estate service providers
  2. Lead generation.Most in real estate don't make enough to make a living. That is a fact. Many have a license for opportunity but have a second income. It costs over $1k to have a license I have been told. So if you want a real estate career but don't have a client base or a place to go 'fishing' for clients you need someone who can supply you a stream of prospective buyers.

In 2013, I think you will see consolidation of brokerages. As agents consider where to place their license, they are going to look for value. If they need services, including an office from a brokerage they must be willing to pay for them. If they don't need service they will be looking for the low cost provider. Or they may need someone who can provide a constant flow of new buyers, which costs money.

If you are a home buyer, choose your agent wisely. It costs you no more to higher the best guy in town as the person fresh out of real estate school. Find an Idaho Real Estate Company

Posted by tlangford at 1/20/2013 4:08:00 PM
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