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Looking to list your home, maybe waiting for spring is not such a good idea!

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Here are the top reasons to list your Boise Idaho homes for sale today from Core Group Realty!

For many people, listing in winter is not attractive.  Here are six reasons why you may want to reconsider.

First of all, Supply is currently very low! Most people have the same philosophy of waiting out the winter before they get on there Boise Idaho home on the market for sale.

Add to that reason number two, high demand, and you have what all economists garner as the perfect mix for higher prices.

Reason three, less yard maintenance! you obviously don't need to keep up with keeping your grass mowed, green and weeded.

Fourth on the list is the rumor that interest rates are going up soon. This is driving more buyers to move right now, hence the high demand. If rates are going to be going up, it might be the best time to get your home listed while looking for your next home to move into.

Shorter time frames is reason number five. In the winter, mortgage companies, inspectors, appraisers and all the other real estate partners are less busy so paperwork is completed a little bit quicker.

Top all this off with Reason number six, which is the fact that the buyers are more serious right now. They are less likely to be "kicking tires" and more realistic about wanting to get into a home as soon as possible.

This is the perfect mix in the current market to get your Boise Idaho homes for sale onto the MLS and get those buyers in.

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