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Boise Idaho Real Estate Trivia for last year's data

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Check out some of the stats from our research of new home sales and new construction in Boise, ID.

Idaho Real Estate Trivia

Boise Idaho Real Estate Trivia

  1. Who builds the most homes in Boise Idaho?
     That is fairly easy, even if you are not in the industry- CBH Homes.
    For the Bonus Question- Who are Boise's Top 10 Builders?
  2. How many new homes are listed on the MLS for sale and is it trending up of down?
    Bonus Question: How many new homes sold last month?
  3. Based on the number of sales recently it seems that demand is increasing and the Boise real estate market has recovered. When did the Boise local area peak?
  4. What were the Top 5 Best Selling Subdivisions in 2012? View full Boise Subdivision Sales Report.
Posted by tlangford at 1/31/2013 1:26:00 PM

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