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What to do and not do when buying a home

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Buying a home is the largest investment most will make. Therefor making a good decision is one of the most important we will make. It is also vital in creating great family memories?

Home Buying Skills

To Do: Not To Do:
Create a Needs and Wants List that you and your spouse agree upon Don't look at things you can't afford
Establish a network of professionals. Many work on commission and therefore hiring the best in the business get paid as much as "new" professionals with little experience. Don't hire someone based on how much you like them. Hire the person you feel will do the best job and act in your best interest. Hiring a friend is not a good plan most of the time. You may need someone who is willing to be the bearer of bad news and voice of reason, not "we can figure it out"
Understand the value of the community you are considering. Where are schools? Where are basic services? How far away is work? Don't settle on the best deal? Consider not only the loan cost but operating costs (monthly energy bills) and travel times and costs. If the perfect home is 20 minutes from your sons practice, will this work for you?
Plan for the future. You may plan to only live in the home for 5 years but what if life happens?  
Listen to your gut, intuition and experience. Don't make emotional decisions. Being a ble to walk away from a deal is a great way to find the best home for you!

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