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What saves you more money- Getting a lower price on the home or getting a better interest rate on your home loan?

 Last week I had the chance to listen in on some Boise Idaho Home Loan professional talk about the local market and how interest rates can change the cost of mortgage. It was interesting to note that interest rates are the most influential factor in the cost of a home.

One strategy the Boise Idaho Home Loan pros talked about was instead of getting the seller to knock $5k dollars off the price of a home, instead use this as leverage to buy a lower interest rate. The net result is a lower monthly payment and over the life of the loan, the overall savings really pay off.

I am not a loan professional so I am not qualified to give advice but you should ask yours about negotiating a price on the home and getting a better monthly payment through interest rate buy down.

Trey Langford

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Posted by tlangford at 3/7/2013 1:35:00 PM

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