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The Boise Idaho Real Estate Market is hot and developers are reacting for the first time in years to help meet demand but they are also expecting more from builders.

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Idaho DevelopersDeveloping a new subdivision is filled with risks. It requires capital and other funding. It requires a developer to create a community and a bank to tell them what absorption rates it will require. If it is a small subdivision the profit margins may be smaller due to the infrastructure costs and permit fees. A large development will have massive costs from top to bottom.

With the real estate market returning and developers ready to move dirt, developers are also starting to ask more of their builders, which is going to be good for the home buyer. A successful subdivision has standards so that it holds value and if the developer has any pride in his community, they will not allow it to have a 'bottom feeder' to come in and build something that is cheap or a misfit.

Serious developers are looking for builders that can deliver on not only a quality home but also client experience. They want someone who has a strong customer care team approach so the home buyer has someone to help them during the sale and after. They want a builder who is building a reputable brand and not what I call a "hobby builder.'

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Trey Langford
Founder Build Idaho

Posted by tlangford at 3/21/2013 12:24:00 PM
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