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For someone who is about to jump in to building a home, they may feel overwhelmed but while there are a lot fo things to think about, you only have to make decisions one at a time and they are not all made at one time.


The decision to build is not an easy choice for many but it is not as complicated as some make it out to be. It is a process that most spend at least one month looking into as the search homes for sale or learn about new subdivisions across Treasure Valley.Once you decide to build there are a series of decisions to make along the way. Some go faster than others because they know what they want or are well organized.

Deciding to build a new home is not complicated, if you realize that it involves a series of simple steps. Many people get wrapped up in all the details and forget that it is a process. A process that happens one step at a time!

Subdivision Corner LotIt is also a very exciting process. Choosing a subdivision and choosing a lot, an important part of the process but most people know what area they prefer which helps pre-defineavailable choices. Another big part is selecting a floor plan. This is heavily influenced by your needs and budger. In this part of the journey your agent and loan professional will help you.

Before construction begins and plans are drawn up, you will look at selecting options. Most people love imagining what their home will look like and at this point the picture is becoming a lot clearer. As construction begins, you have already chosen cabinet finishes, flooring, paint colors, closet space and the front door.

As your home is built the excitelment grows, as you drive by watching the progress or receive updates. Most builder have refined the process so that you are comfortable along the way. It is a great journey, so enjoy the ride!

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