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When I talk to buyers about where they are from and why they are moving or have moved here there is one answer that is consistent and is mandatory- They love Boise!

Boise, Idaho

Idaho Log Cabin HomeMany times there are common threads like family but everyone that visits Boise loves it here. One person I met about two years ago did an analyis based on his research looking at everytinhg that was important to him, which included golf days based on weather, and found that Boise was for him. His study also included things like taxes, cost of living crime, etc. and he said that all indicators pointed to Boise and when he came, he loved it here!

People come to the Treasure Valley for many reason and that trend is on the rise. Two years ago about 9 thousand additional move to Ada County and in 2012 the number of additional people moving to the area  was over 10 thousand. It would be senseless to try and compare Boise to another city because every city is unique and has its own vibe but this area is very attractive to outsiders.

The of course, there is the surrounding area and the entire state of Idaho.Within 3 hours of Boise are amazing places. Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Sun Valley with all mountains, skiing history and being home to Ernest Hemingway. Twin Falls with the water fall that is taller than Niagra, Shoshone Falls. Bruneau Dunes. McCall & Payett Lake. Cascade & West Mountain.

Of course there is no need to leave Boise except for a change of scenery. The Boise Foothills provide exploration  for everyone- Hikers. Bikers. Photography hobbyists and professionals.The Boise River. The Boise Zoo. Shakespeare in the Park. Boise Town Square Mall. There are museums and shopping in many boutique and box stores or even Cabela's. Lucky Peak is just 20 minutes from downtown. Bogus Basin for skiing and enjoying the outdoors.

While all this is great stuff, it is also about people. Boise is still a family oriented community. It is a relatively conservative place, especially compared to other major metros. There is a strong business community and strong families as well as many hobby groups to join.

Boise may not be for everyone but many chose Boise as the place to call home and love it!

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