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So you are looking to move across twown or re-locate to Boise and can't decide what to do in terms of buying a home? Consider a new home.

1. It's New
It has has new home smell. IT feels better. Quite honestly, there is something special about buying new. Just like buying a a new car is better than buying used. Plus, while cars depreciate after driving off the lot, home appreciate over time.

The biggest advantage is that every thing is new. New carpet. New appliances. New Roof. New Paint. For Years you will not have to worry about repairs or updates. Additionally, if you buy right, you buy a home that needs to be remodeled to fit your lifestyle.

2. Personlized Selections
Many times you can choose the colors you want on the walls as well as carpet and hard wood flooring. You can choose the granite slab and there are other selections like cabinets, bath tub with jets, doors and even if you want the garage floor painted.

You get what you get with a used home. The seller is not likely to discount the price because you want to remodel it upon arrival to make it more yours than theirs.

3. Home Warranty
New homes come with warranties that cover your anywhere from 1 to 10 years. Many times this is just on the house and structural issues but othere items in the house come with loger warranties like sideing

4. Choose your floor plan and community
This is pretty straight forward. New communities today are very focused on lifestyle so if you want to live on a golf course or find a community with exercise faciluty and put the exact home you want in it, you can do that. No comprmises, except finding the lot you want.

5. Energy Efficiency
Today's homes are built to higher codes than just 5 years ago. Additionally, building science has improved as well as many of the products. Builders realize than importance  of lowering maintenance costs and monthly energy bills and have suppliers that can offer affordable solutins.

New Homes

Posted by tlangford at 6/13/2013 3:32:00 PM
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