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Is a brand New home more expensive? Main Idaho Real Estate Insights

Many people don't consider new construction as part of their home search because they assume it is more expensive or that it is too stressful. Really?

Boise Idaho New HomesBased on MLS data, new construction does cost more but is it more expensive? If theonly onsideration was price than yes but look at the entire picture.

New Homes are new. They have a fresh coat paint, new carpet, new roof, new water heater, new faucets, new Heating and Air Conditioning unit, new windows, new driveway, and everything is new. So yes it costs more.

What about value? Moving into a used home includes things like toe nails in the carpet! Writing on walls! The list goes on of all the things you get in a new home. Now, if this does not bother you, you are set. Buy maybe you need a new coat of paint on hte walls, even if it is just so your furniture and decor match. You probably should not buy new just to get fresh paint of your choice on the walls that you choose but it is a hidden expense of moving into a used home.

What if you love the home but it requires some remodeling or what if you know you want to replace something like the old deck.. This  costs money and shoudl be factored into your buying decision. Even if the roof is 5 years away from needing to be replaced, think ahead. New homes really are a great option to consider.

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