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The summer is winding down. Soon the kids will be back in school and if you are looking at real estate. it may be a great time to focus in on a new home. Getting started now means that when the kids go back to school you will have more time to meet with interior designers or touring retail stores to see what the latest trends are.

Boise Idaho Real Estate August 2013

For two years now new construction has been a strong economic engine. Many new homes have been built which also means that lot inventory has been decling which caused builing lot prices to increase. This fall Boise will see several new subdivisions come on line and there are more in the pipeline. Last month Ada County approved 20 new subdivisions that make up over 360 additional lots. This will help with supply and hopefully keep lot prices in check. What we don't want Idaho real estate to do is get on a run like 2005 and become un affordable.

The market should maintain it's strength for the foreseeable future. The influx of new residents is still strong and Idaho remains a great choice to live, work and play. Most recently, Boise was recognized as the 7th safest city in America. This is one in a long lost of recognitions over the last decade now.

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