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Boise Idaho Homes for Sale Update- September 2013

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School and sports have started up again. Even BSU Broncos have their first game tonight. Who has time to shop for a new home? Plus who wants to fool with moving during the hooliday season or when it is cold?

Boise Idaho Homes for Sale

September 2013

And that is exactly the point. Historically, fall is a time when home sales slump. Coming soon, the 2013 Boise Idaho Fall Parade of Homes which was originally not about a home show as much as it was about helping builders sell inventory so they did not have to carry it through the winter.

Now is a great time to start learning about the newest communities, builders and creating a wish list for your next home. Now is a great time to whatch the market and see what is available. Smaller builders may be anxious to sell a home that is still availabe in the coming months. For one, they don't want to carry it through the winter which does have costs for them and two, they can have a better Christmas.

By knowing what you want now and defining some options you may be in a good positioncome October/ November to make an offer on a home.

Also, be aware that interest rates are rising and expected to climb. Start talking to a home loan professional so you understand how much you can afford and also talk to them about locking in an interest rate.

One last note. If you are going to build, by starting now your home can be covered from the winter elements if you start soon.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 8/31/2013 3:03:00 PM

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