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Lots and Subdivisions make not a Community

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If you are shopping for a building lot, remember to choose wisely. Not only do you need the right lot for your home to fit on but you are going to live there for a while. so will surrounding lots fit well with yours?

I was reveiwing lots across a variety of communities today and it became clear to remind you that you may have a great plan for your new home, but will the guy next to you also strive to build something great?

If you are buying a lot in a small community make sure there are CC&R's to protect you! What you don't want is to build something magnificent and have someone else come in and put a mobile home next to you. While I have nothing against mobile homes, I have been in some ones, they don't blend well next to a two story dream home?

So if you are looking at a newer subdivision that is selling lots or a smaller subdivision that may not have strict CC&R's, protect your home from bottom feeders who would come in and put something less.

Posted by tlangford at 9/30/2013 1:00:00 AM

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