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Top Five most Over-Used Real Estate Words

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The following is a lost of words that real estate agents use in listings to describe and sell properties. Many times they use words that are great words but they use them wrong.Or at least in my opinion

#5 Development Potential

Every thing has potential? With enough money anything is possible!

#4 Great Location
In the Treasure Valley, there are only two areas that are not conveniently located and that would be Kuna and Middleton. Every other place in the Treasure Valley is easily accessible. Kuna and Middleton are not far away but are easily accessible, just off the beaten path. So when you see location, realize the average commute in the area is 20 minutes and pretty much  anyone can be on the interstate within 15 minutes and travel to the other end of the valley in what... 20 minutes max?

#3 Great Room
As it states this room should be great! Large with high ceilings would be the minimum requirements. Just because the living room is connected to the kitchen does not mean it is a "great room," that would be called an open floor plan?

#2 Estate
This word is a concept that real estate agents have ruined. When I think of an estate it is a property that is large, very large. And it is a luxury property that is not only exceptional but grand. Now, anything over 3 thousand square feet is an estate home.

#1 Custom Home
This is by far the most over-used word and mostly used wrong. If the builder builds the home, it is called a 'Spec Home." If a buyer takes a builder's floor plan and makes chages it is "Semi-Custom". If the buyer tell the builder what they want and it is unique, it is a custom home.


Posted by tlangford at 10/14/2013 5:45:00 PM

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