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Here's our latest advice- don't fall in love with something untill you look around and see the rest of the forest... a review of a new community.

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Recently I was driving around and saw a community that was brand new. It was a higher end community and I was excited to investigate. What I found was not impressive, compared to other options in the market place.In this community, I could see no real benefits to living here compared to nearby options.

First, the community was next to a major artery. It was not set back and no excessively tall birms to hide it. This not only reduced privacy to people living on the lots next to the major road but also, although the homes would be new and upper end for the area, it would be an eye soar compared to seeing trees or a wall of sorts.

Secondly, the community had no amenities. It is a smaller community but for the price point, I would expect to be by the river, have a community pool or something. Note: maybe it will have a pool but I did not see it on the plat map and it is probably not cost effective for the developer in such a small community.

Lastly, the lots were not big and the home values were not expected to be less than similar caliber homes in the area? Not sure how this community will do but if I were a buyer and looked around I would not be falling in love with the community.

This also reminds me of another story I heard. This does not come from direct from the home buyer but I was told a person who bought a lot in a community that would be affected by the Emmett Highway. He never knew about the project and was never told.

So make sure you get out and do your due diligence. Talk to your professional real estate agent and maybe neighbors. Look at surrounding opportunities. Even though the price of the home may be in line with others nearby, is the community?

Good luck and enjoy the search,

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 10/19/2013 2:29:00 PM

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