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How Can Frameless Glass Staircases Improve The Appearance Of Your Property? Top 10 Benefits Main Idaho Real Estate Insights

When it comes down to choosing how you would like to improve the appearance of your property there are many different things to take into consideration.

The existing layout and overall decor is something that can either restrain or inspire specific changes, and of course your budget can have an equally wide ranging effect on the results you can realistically aspire to.

One thing which any home that covers more than one level will have as a feature that can be looked at is the staircase.

In the past, the main choices were whether you covered you stairs in carpet, carefully painted them with non-slip covering or simply left them as bare boards. Today though, staircases come in many different flavours, each of which can bring a different range of benefits.


Of all the options on offer, frameless glass balustrade systems are perhaps the most innovative and exciting. Although their appearance is of the highest quality, the overall price of materials and fitting can be extremely cost effective.

So what are the top ten ways in which frameless glass staircases can improve the appearance of your property?

1. Minimalism

For those looking for the ultimate in minimalist style to add to an existing 'clean lines' approach to their interior design scheme, having a frameless glass staircase is the icing on the cake.

With some of the most famous new buildings in the world using similar approaches to inter-level connectivity, having this type of cutting edge staircase in a domestic environment is a real statement of intent.

2. Open up space

Of course the old traditional kind of enclosed wooden staircase took up a large amount of floor space that was otherwise essentially a 'dead' area (except for presenting opportunities for enclosed storage).

By using a frameless glass design you can open up a space and create an illusion of a much bigger floor plan overall. With careful use of lighting, having a modern approach to stairs makes even the more compact property feel much lighter and more open.

3. Maintenance free

With modern construction materials there is an expectation of low maintenance and this is certainly the case here. With nothing more than a superficial easy cleaning schedule for the surfaces, a frameless glass fitting means there are no nooks and crannies to accumulate dirt and grime and upkeep is straightforward.

4. 'Wow' factor

When we make improvements to our homes we are of course attempting to please ourselves and to create an environment that will bring us pleasure on a day to day basis. However, it is also nice to create a certain 'wow factor' that will impress visitors and guests and make a really bold statement about your own sense of style and character.

5. Safety

There are many safety aspects to having a modern staircase put in place, not least of which is the knowledge that everything is constructed to the highest contemporary standards of health and safety.

Loose carpet fittings are responsible for many domestic accidents and proportionally children are one of the age groups who suffer the highest number of injuries for stair-related falls. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), as many as 10 children a year die because of falls from windows, balconies and stairs. By installing a frameless glass set-up you can minimise the risks greatly.

6. Sightlines

Not only do any glassworks within the home help to create an illusion of greater space, they also allow for line of sight that might otherwise not be possible. This can be particularly handy if you want to keep an unobtrusive eye on children of pets from another part of the house.

7. Strength

The type of glass that is used in staircases is very storing as it is made up of two or three layers which are laminated together. This 'toughened glass' effect means you never need to worry about breakage or damages.

8. Easy process

As with many changes to your home, it is always best to check whether or not there are any building regulations that need to be adhered to for your improvements. If you use a reputable firm of qualified professionals to do the work for you all the necessary paperwork will be done for you, if any is needed, and this can represent a really easy process.

9. Versatile

Remember that these systems aren’t just great additions inside the house – they can also be used outside if your garden is at different levels and you want to facilitate access. Whether you have an area of decking or a raised platform of some kind, these staircases can really help boost appearances.

10. Cleanliness

Finally, another style benefit of frameless glass balustrade systems is their cleanliness. With sleek lines and frameless design, they’re easy to look after and offer a stunning visual profile that is crisp, clear and clean.

By Francesca Holmes

Francesca Holmes is a writer and editor for Stainless Handrail Systems. When not on a mission to bring high-end architecture to the masses, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

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