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Living in the mountains is a spectacular lifestyle choice but comes with some considerations.

When buying a home in the mountains you must think year round weather conditions.

  1. Is the home you are looking at accessible, year round? Some area are not and even if they are it will require snow removal. Are you going to pay for this or buy equiptment and di it yourself. Also consider the time it takes.
    On a positive note, I enjoy pushing snow and find it relaxing and great exercise.
  2. Seasons are exaggerated. Is the home ready for not only cold temperatures but severe and extended cold temperatures. With this pipes can freeze and it can be just hard on a house.
  3. Mud season. In the desert we call this spring but in the mountains it is just muddy for many weeks. Between the snow melts and rain it will be wet for a long time which creates a lot of dirt being tracked into a house. Is your house set up to have a room where shoes can be removed or cleaned?
  4. Depending on where you live fire can be an issue. Make sure your home is designed to be protected from a fire as best as possible.
  5. The best thing about living in the mountains is views. Whether it is the sunrise\ sunset or wildlife viewing, make sure your house has windows or porches to take advantage of these opportunities. There is something special about seeing mother nature at work.
  6. While flooorplans are important for any house, if this house is a second house, the floorplan is soemthing where function is very important. Having plenty of beds for guests or just a large room to enjoy with company may be what the home is all about.
  7. New home may require a new car? Does the home have a dirt road? Would you need four wheel drive to access in the winter or spring? Also, many dirt roads become plagued with pot holes over time which can test how the car rides.
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Re:Considering a home in the mountains? Consider this..
Thoughtful list: really have an appreciation for #7! The foothills are just gorgous, even during the winter-they are probably the most desirable place to live in the east valley unless someone works in Canyon County. Fires over the past decades seem to have sensitized developers to preventative measures-very smart!
Posted by on 12/7/2013 10:08 AM


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