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What is up with Boise area home values?

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Boise Home values increased $20k over 12 months, are we creating another housing bubble?

I woudld say Boise Real Estate is not creating another housing bubble based on sales and building of new homes compared to 2005 to 2006. During that time new construction escalated but it was skewed by investors. There more homes being sold at that time that there were no actual residents for.

Builders were building as many homes as they could for their own speculation and investors.Today there are many new residents and many more migrating here. Could it runaway again? It could but most learned the hard way that the consequences are hard to recover from and have therefore become much more conservative.

Two Points to consider: as other areas of the country continue to recover, many are looking at Boise. And, according to some sources 2015 is the year that Boise really starts to see growth and there could be a housing shortage?

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 12/2/2013 6:44:00 PM

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