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Tips for a smoother home loan transaction

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Who doesn't want a simple and smooth mortgage? The beginning of the process is a good time to get all your ducks in a row even if  or you’ve gone through the process before.


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  • Make a personal budget ahead of time to make sure you know what payments you are comfortable with.
  • Try not to allow any new credit inquiries on your credit report, which can lower your credit scores.
  • A new copy of your credit report may be pulled within 72 hours prior to closing; any changes will require explanations and could result in your loan being delayed.
  • Try not to increase the balances of any of your existing credit accounts; it’s best to put a hold on all credit transactions.
  • Try not to make any job or income changes.
  • Don’t make any major purchases that could change your financial picture.
  • Be careful not to allow any overdrafts to your checking account.
  • Be sure that you are up to date on all income taxes.
  • Any large deposits into your bank accounts will require source information, if they aren’t specifically identified on the statement (such as payroll deposits), so make copies of checks and be prepared to offer explanations (such as, “My brother repaid $300 I loaned him last Christmas”). Further documentation could apply depending on the source and size of the deposit.
  • Save all new paystubs and bank statements; you may be required to provide updates before mclosing.
  • Notify us of any plans to be out of town at any time during your escrow period.
  • If you make any changes regarding the details of your loan, such as the source of your down payment funds, the amount of your down payment, change of insurance agent, etc., please contact our office immediately to avoid last-minute complications and violations to the guidelines of the loan program.
  • Check your email/mail often to ensure prompt receipt of time-sensitive documents or requests for information. Delaying their acknowledgement and return could delay your appraisal or closing docs, depending on where you are in the loan process.
Proper expectations can minimize frustration and discouragement during the loan process. Appraisal, credit and title questions may arise, but your team should be able to help you.
Source: HomeStreet Bank
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