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Why is it so important to do your due diligence when selecting a builder?

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Here is a story submitted to us about how one home owner was duped and  it cost them an additional $100k  to fix it!

So...when we built our multi-generational ADA compliant custom home, we assumed (we are aware we were the asses for not doing more home work) our builder would do just that. They assured us they knew ADA standards, put in extra framing for grab bar support etc. Then when one of our family members progressed to needed a wheelchair, we realized we'd been duped. The doorways were wider than standard, but not ADA. We've spent THOUSANDS (with thousands more to go) to put in new ADA compliant doors, bathrooms, etc. in the home that should have been ready.

Did you know every light switch is next to a door frame? Now putting in a new door also means relocating electrical in every room? Also...taking down hallway walls means adding structural support elsewhere which requires a structural engineer, permitting, etc. It's too late for us to start over from scratch, but word to the wise, if you are looking for something special, make sure you know the criteria yourself and verify that it's being done.

I estimate that by the time all is said an done we will have spent an additional $100,000 to get our home where it needs to be. We'd start over from scratch if we could.


Posted by tlangford at 3/27/2014 1:10:00 PM

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