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Ideas of things to do in Boise.

I have lived in Boise for about five years. In that time I have had many experiances and I'm going to use that to create a list of my top favorite fun ideas.

1-Get out of the car! Boise is place with nice weather. When the sun is shinning there is nothing better that to take off for a walk downtown. You will discover places that you have driven by a million times but never went in to.

2-Get a cultureal infusion. Boise gives you access to many cultural experiances. MetOpera at the Edwards theater, Plays, wine tasting, and first thursdays too.

3-Be active. There are trails for biking, hiking, and jogging. Table rock is popular because of the breath taking view of Boise. I recommend sunset as the best time to be up there. You can see the day give way to night in a bright fight of colors. 

These are just my favorite things to do in Boise. I do way more but this is a great starting point for people to look into when considering moving to Boise. There is a reason Boise is featured on numerious national lists. Check out how we rank on the Boise Ranks in the top 10 Best Places to Live page.

Posted by Joey at 5/6/2014 5:14:00 PM
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