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Boise Idaho Homes for Sale- May 2014

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THe 2014 Boise Idaho Parade of Homes is over and the spring buying season is underway. Hundreds of people will hit the road in search of their next move.

What a great show we had this year! A variety of houses across the Treasure Valley on display for all. I received many for call for directions and other information so it seems like there was a lot of interest in new homes. One home sold while I was in it, just before the show started!

Now that the spring buyers are out looking what should you know about Boise Idaho Homes for Sale?

  1. Competition for buying homes is strong. Demand far exceeds supply. If you are truly going to buy, be prepared to pull the trigger. Get your pre-approval letter from a loan professional. Have an agent who can write the offer and get it  accepted quickly.
  2. Evaluate your builder. Not every home is the same level of quality which has mostly to do with the builder. Look closely at what the builder actually delivers to clients. Determine how they really make money? Is it client satisfaction or maximizing profit by cutting corners and taking low bids?
  3. The are 200+ subdivisions in the area with new homes for sale or building lots. While, location is important, there are very few bad areas in the Greater Boise Region. Some have amenities, some don't. Check HOA dues and look around at the streetscapes. Some communities are developed by investors and some by developers. Presentation is everything.
  4. Due your due diligence. Take your time and enjoy the ride so when you find what you want in terms of the right place to live, you will absolutely know. There are many options to choose from including lifestyle amenities of the communitiy as well as the house.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 5/12/2014 1:21:00 PM

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