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The temperatures are perfect for getting out to explore. From the desert to the Foothills and all over Southern Idaho, there are endless relaxing to adventurous things to do.  Really, there is too much to do to stay home.

We just got from a trip to Cascade, ID for the Memorial Weekend. Many complain about the traffic on the way up Hwy 55, but it has never bothered me. What a great drive from Horseshoe Bend along the Payette River to banks and then up the canyon to Round Valley.

Half the time I wish I was not so focused on getting to my destination so I could pull over and jump in the water. Payette River will normally have several parties rafting along the way. There is also a spot closer to Banks with parking  for those that want to swim. Water was a little murky coming home so the snow must be melting now, it was a little warm Sunday afternoon.

Don't waist one day this summer. Even if all you do is go to a local park you have not been to before. Find a new trail in the foothills or a new stretch of the Boise River to fish. Head out to the desert to watch stars.

Soon enough it will be hot and it may limit your activity to morning and late evening.

Have a great summer!
Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 5/26/2014 2:00:00 PM
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