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There are over 160 builders and 250 subdivisions locall where you can buy a lot to build or buy a new home. Here are three tricks you can use to save thousands of dollars when buying or selecting a builder.

One question that is constantly asked is how much does a house cost in Boise, ID. My standard response- "That is a loaded question!"

The other question we hear in one shape or another is how can we save money? So I decided to share three things you can do to get the best price on a new home.

  1. Find a subdivision with zero activity in an outlying area that has cheap lots.
    Yes, it costs a lot to live in a new community with amenities likes pool(s), weight room and walking paths located centrally to the area. If you don't need these amenities and don't mind driving an extra 20 to 40 minutes you can find lots  at least $30k less, many times more.
  2. Tell your builder to take the low bidders.
    Get the cheapest sub-contractors and retail supplier options on every facet of the home from framing to drywall to carpet to paint. They all do the same job and offer the same quality right? Imagine the savings if every low bid is 15% to 30% less! Sure there may be a few blemishes but for the savings you can overlook them.
  3. Find a new builder in the market.
    Look for someone who is trying to build their name in the market place. Someone eager and aggressive. They don't have the experience to drive the same price as the name brand builders.

As you can see, hopefully, this is a humorous post. You get what you pay for, don't forget that. That does not mean you should not seek bids and make sure your builder of choice is not competitive but to think that you get the same thing from one builder to the next is not reality. If a builder is new, does he have the experience to know what to do when something goes wrong? And rest assured, something always goes wrong.

That is todays post. What do you thing?

Posted by tlangford at 10/14/2014 10:18:00 PM
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