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There are many builders in Boise Idaho that build new homes. They can be broken down into three categories.

  1. Production Builders
  2. Semi-Custom Builders
  3. Custom Home Builders

From there one could further break each category down into

  1. Affordable Builders
  2. Mid-Level Builders
  3. Luxury Builders

Yes there are builders that build at each level. In Boise we have two main builders in the affordable category- CBH Homes and Hubble Homes. While both builders are considered Production Builders, the market has really turned them into not only Production but also semi-custom.

A production builder builds a floorplan over and over. The benefit is that due to the predictability, efficiencies are incurred from product to labor to even improving the desing so that is easily built. Many home buyers now want the ability to customize a home to their style from colors and finishes to moving walls so that fits them better. So these builders are also semi-custom contractors.

Posted by tlangford at 7/8/2015 12:51:00 PM

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