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Systems built homes is what many would have called a modular home but forget what you think you know about modular. Today's modular homes are forward thinking homes that bring all the building science one can engineer together.

A systems built home is designed to be built better, like a car. The house basically goes down an assembly line as is built on the production line as it goes. These are not made to be cheap homes any more. You can even find higher end homes being built here.

A sytems built home has therefore been pre-built and when it arrives at the jobsite goes up quickly. To some extent, it is like a jigsaw puzzle that is assembeled back together on the lot. It goes up in days instead of weeks and normally is just walls roof and floors. It is already wired and has plumbing. It needs to be connected together on site but the majority of the labor is complete.

Forget what your Grandfatther has to say about a modular home! System built homes are today's upcoming building standard!

Posted by tlangford at 7/8/2015 12:56:00 PM

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