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Idaho Real Agents work for commissions, so why not work with the best!

1. What services do you specifically provide? Do you have those in writing?

2. What is your fee? For that fee, what services are you providing that your competition is not?

3. If we hire you to represent us, how will you protect us?

4. How often can I/We expect to be contacted by you personally?

  • If you are selling a home: .How often will I receive feedback?
  • If you are buying a home: .How often will you search for homes specifically for me/us?

5. What kind of advertising and marketing do you do? How often? Where? Do you do virtual tours? Video podcasting? Can I see samples of your work?

6. How many real estate transactions (in my neighborhood or area) have you been involved in? 7. How do you determine the value of my property? Ask for specifics on how value is arrived, not just an opinion. 8. Can you provide for me the names and numbers of at least 5 people that have worked with you in the last 3 months? 9. What can I, as a Buyer and/or Seller, do to make this process go quickly? It typically takes both the Agent and the Client to sell/buy a home. This kind of question prompts dialogue so that one can quickly determine if this business relationship is a good fit?

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