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Considering plans from magazines or online?

  • Working with someone locally allows you the opportunity to customize your plans and ask questions
  • You will still need someone to draw a site plan and REScheck in order to obtain a permit
  • Plans that are prepared by a local architect or drafting/ design company will be in accordance with local codes, conditions, building practices and ready to be submitted for a building permit

Should I hire an architect or drafter/designer?


  • Licensed by State
  • Required for commercial projects
  • Required for multi-family dwellings with more than four units in the City of Boise

Drafters and Designers

  • Not required to be licensed but may be certified through the National Council of Building Design
  • Specializes in residential projects only.
  • Prepares larger custom home plans but may require approval by a professional engineer for structural design

*Whether you are starting from scratch or know exactly what you want either trade is talented and creative enough to meet your needs.

Under U.S. Copyright Law, ownership of plans belong to the person that created the plans, unless a written work for hire agreement is negotiated between both parties. Since plans belong to the plan preparer, it is against the law to build more than one home with one set of plans without permission to do so by the plan preparer.

Complete construction documents include drawings that clearly show what will be done on the project and reflect building code requirements. These drawings include a site plan, floor plans, elevations, foundation plans and cross sections, framing details, electrical and mechanical plans. In addition to construction drawings, a REScheck energy calculation is required. When these documents are all complete you can apply for a building permit.

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