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There is no question new home are way cooler than used. Okay, we wiil admit that old homes with history are pretty neat and there are many unique homes that are pretty cool. But as a general rule- New Home are way Cooler!

New home don't come with -

  • toenails in the carpet
  • someone else's taste
  • someone else's memories and stories
  • stains in the carpet and floors
  • smells
  • repair or remodel
  • it can come with a warranty, but that is extra

New homes include

  • fresh paint on the walls, in your color
  • new a HVAC system. Plus it is modern and efficient
  • you can personilize it during construction to match your taste
  • you can move walls around, before construction
  • a lot of pride. You chose the builder, helped witht the floorplan, chose the finishes you wanted

New Homes in Boise span the gammet in style and price. Plus Treasure Valley offers hundreds of new communities to choose from.

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