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Two Essential elements in buying a home

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While real estate is all about location, it is all about emotion and this is how most truly decide on whcih home to buy.

Finding a Home is an Emotional Decision

In Buying a Home Emotions should be that last factor

Most people walk into a home and know within a few minutes if it feels right. Many people get into trouble when they start looking at homes they cannot afford though. While emotions play a huge role in finding the right home, one should not let this be your primary resource in negotating.

Far too often, people get emotionally committed to the home and do not work to negotiate the best deal. Admittedly, if the property is that unique or you have to buy in a certain time period, you have to be aggressive but there are many homes are the market and new are listed every day. 

The best advice is to determine what you want and patiently find it. Many people look for months and tour some 50 to 80 homes. Once you find it, be ready to make an offer. There is nothing worse thatn finding the perfect home and watching someone else get it because you were not ready. This includes getting approved for a home loan, having a down payment and understanding what the seller needs to sell it to you!

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Posted by tlangford at 1/29/2016 1:51:00 AM

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