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Is your real estate agent a snake?

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This morning we just have to get something off our chest. 

Build Idaho RealtorsSo, not long ago we had someone we just started working with. We had shown them some property including a subdivision and went to the community model home. They really liked it. The agent we met with did a good job. A few days later the couple went back and wrote an offer with that agent.

Here is where it get's tricky. The community agent cut the Build Idaho agent out of the deal. To be fair, technically, they did not do anything wrong. We were not under contract to be the couple's agent. The couple tells us that they were pressured to make a decision or lose the lot they wanted. But the community agent was being a snake and now we can't help the client. They other agent was smart and locked themselves in. You can imagine how disappointed we were with the person we worked with and the agent who knew exactly what they were doing. Later , we find out the agent has a reputation for this!

About a month in to buying/ building their home, they are learning what has happened to them and getting more red flags and getting frustrated. Again, there is nothing we can do and we cannot get involved.

Here is the lesson you should learn from this. Truly professional Realtors are guides. They will help you, present all the facts and let you decide. They may be sales professionals but they know that they are going to have to look you in they eye for some 4 to 9 months? They understand their job is to take care of you and watch your back.

So, the second you are getting red flags from the person you are working with, RUN! Idaho has laws about Agency, your agent can explain but it basically covers what their duties are to you. If you are not a client, they do not have certain duties which can be to your detriment. 

It is agents like above that bring a bad reputation to the industry. By the way, the buyers were not able to perform on the contract and lost their downpayment. Again, the agent did nothing wrong but had they been a client, things could have been a lot different and had not only a better start but a much better ending.

If we can help you and be your guide, real estate agent and advisor- contact us.

Posted by tlangford at 1/31/2016 1:14:00 PM

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