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One of the most popular questions we get is "How much does it cost to build that home?" Interesting question, the answer may surprise you.

How much does it cost to build a home in Boise, ID.

Idaho Construction CostsMost people want to know how much it costs to build so they know they are getting a fair price. It also adds some level of control, knowing that you understand construction costs. Let's break down the cost to build your home.

First, let's set some ground rules. 

  1. Every home is somewhat unique. Even the same floorplan will have different finishes and are on different lots which change the price of each house.
  2. The best builders will make money on their homes. It is business and they did spend tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands. While you may not want them to make money off of you, do you really want to buy a home from a builder that cannot make money? Do you want to buy a home from a builder that is out of business next week?
  3. If the community is a popular place, you are working with a reputable builder and you want to buy, you gotta pay. Supply and Demand rule the world!
  4. Land is a controlled cost. Moving farther away from town. Getting a smaller homesite. Reducing landscaping. These all play a part in the cost to build.
  5. Ultimately, you decide how much you want to spend. You can lower the square footage of the rooms and overall square footage of the house. You can get smaller lot in a less desirable area. You can have a laminate counter top as opposed to granite. You can have the house sprayed on color and not add trim decor. 

You may be able to build it for less yourself, but it may cost you in the end. Some people think they are going to save money doing it themselves. Here are some BIG reasons not to. 

  1. Spending time trying to get bids from contractors.
    First you have to track some down to get bids from. The best subcontractors in town probably do not have much marketing so you are going to have a hard time finding them. Secondly, If they are really good, they are busy working for builders who provide them with consistent work and give those builders a discount. You are not likely to pay the same price  as  the builder. They also may not have time to work for you as they are busy. So now you are looking for sub-contractors who are less  in demand? There is probably a reason for that. Of course, you could pay them more to work for you, but the entire exercise is about saving money.
  2. You are now responsible for everything.
    You are now managing people, ordering supplies and orchestrating it all. You are on the phone with sales people asking why something is not on job site, calling subs asking when they will be there or when they will be done. During all this you are inspecting and monitoring quality. Do you know what to look for? Do you know what to do if something is not right? Everyone will point the finger at someone else when something goes wrong, trust us. This is just one reason builders charge for their services.
  3. And.. Something will go wrong
    I have yet to hear about a custom or semi-custom home where everythign went exactly as planned and mistakes cost money. You are now also managing people and ordering supplies. Builders are efficient at this because they do it all the time. They know who to call, how much it costs, who does what at what price, what surprises to expect and how to handle them. When a plug  in the middle of a wall does not work, the electrician is going to blame drywall people. How do you get someone to confess or resolve it without it costing you more?

Summary costs of building (including land)

  • Production Homes: $70 to $120 per square foot
  • Semi Custom Homes- $110 to $160 per square foot
  • Custom Homes- $140 and up per square foot.

With all that being said. The best way to understand how much it costs to build a home  is to review Build Idaho's New Community Pricing Guide. It spells out average sales prices and price per sqaure foot of new homes around Treasure Valley. If you want more detailed information, we have agents who are in the field all the time and even a past builder who can explain everything from production homes to mansions. We can also help arrange builder meetings and interviews. We can help write contracts that put buyers at ease. 

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 2/1/2016 1:11:00 PM

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