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Five Habits of Highly Successful Idaho Home Buyers

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Buying a home is not for the whimsical or people who like life haphazzardly. While there is no science to buying a home, as we all have different tastes, there is good advice. Build Idaho is filled with other reports and resources as well.

  1. Boise Idaho Real Estate AdviceYou need to treat this as a business transaction
    The story or asking family or a friend to help you and being disappointed  is all to common. If you are going that route, establish boundaries and conseguences.Otherwise, you are basically hiring someone to take care of you. Ask them to work hard for you and earn the commission. They are to be responsive and advocate for you providing expertise and taking care of all the details.
  2. It is going to take time 
    You cannot expect to wake up find the right home and move in. You will probably look at at least 20 homes but probably more like 50 to 80. Be prepared to do your research online and take time to tour homes. The more you tour, the more familiar you will become with the market and better understand what you can get for your money.
  3. Define what you want
    Looking to be looking is not fun, unless you have lots of time on your hands and nothing better to do. Otherwise, you need to have clarity and be able to define it to your real estate agent.
  4. Ready Financially
    Are you pre-approved for a loan? Do you have the downpayment avaialble now? Do you need to sell before you can buy? Did you know that once your home is under contract, most agents will consider you viable to make an offer?
  5. Strong Offer
    When you find the right house, you need to be ready to act and able to make a strong offer. This does not mean you are wealthy but can present a strong reason for the seller to take your offer. Obviously, you need to be able to pay but you can also include things that make your offer as attractive as possible. Things like paying for closing costs, fleibility on when you can close or not adding too many contingencies.
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