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Is Your Real Estate Agent giving you the song and dance?

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There are thousands of agents locally but only hundreds of homes are selling every month, so what are the majority of agents doing, since most are not selling homes?

Boise Idaho Real Estate Song and Dance AgentsReal Estate may be about location but one of the most important aspects for buyers is SERVICE! We advise all the time to make sure you are getting a great agent. We also explain that agents normally work for commission and it is paid for by the seller. Whether you are buying or selling, you should get the best agent for your money. Many times veteran agents are busy but offer great advice and newer agents don't have a large clientelle base and have more time for you.

I network quite a bit and always wonder if people think about what they are saying. I recently met a person who is an agent, a builder, owns a brokerage and working on their brokerage license and has about three other big hats. The agent was doing it all by themselves. Maybe you think this is impressive. I think it would be challenging to do one well but wearing this many hats, you would get nothing done in a day or at least not done well.

In life, there are people who stive to be the best and there are people who strive to survive. They seem busy, and very much are but mastering one thing and doing it well is far better then being all over the board. I think a lot of people try to impress others by sharing how busy they are and that is how they prove their value. But the reality is that a relxed person who can focus on your needs will provide much better service. That does not mean they are not busy, they just hve things under control.

So here is today's lesson- Listen to the agent and think about what they are telling you. We would assume they are telling the truth but maybe listening between the lines a little closer. For example, they may be a full time agent but do something on the side? They tell you they work with high profile clients and sell mostly luxury homes but drive a very used car. They offer great service but answer the phone in a meeting  with you. (Note: if it is my wife, I answer the phone- love you honey!)

Lastly, many agent's are out to befriend you but if you are going to spend 100's of thousand of dollars do you need a friend or a unbiased advisor?

Posted by tlangford at 2/2/2016 1:18:00 PM

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