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It seems life we talk to someone from California every day. It is about 25% of all the traffic on BuildIdaho.com. And we ask them, what brings you to Idaho? The answer will not surprise you!

Boise Idaho In-Migration

The Answer is the state of California!

People from California are moving  to Idaho because they no longer enjoy that state and it is not affordable according to them. Parents tell us all the time it is not the kind of place they want to raise their family. People retiring also see many advantages of living here. The message we get is they not only like the lifestyle that we offer but also the people. As an added bonus, the local government has stayed the course and not faced issues that we hear about in the media. Most people I talk to say it is worse then we hear about and they are sick of it.

But why Boise? The city and surrounding communities are considered affordable, safe and fun. With a relatively conservative atmosphere, a sense of family familiar to most when they were young, strong economic climate, and safe community, we are highly attractive. Couple this with consistently nice weather, four seasons, plenty of cultural activities and too many outdoor activities to list, we really do have a lot to offer.

There are really three common threads the we have found in  out of state home buyers:

  1. They have been visting the area for several years and love it.
  2. They have family or friends living here
  3. They can get more for their money between cost of homes and overall living expenses from energy costs to grocery bills and putting gas in the tank.

Are out of State Buyers going to change the landscape of Boise, Idaho?

This scares a lot of people. There is no doubt that out of state buyers are bringing money to the area but they are moving here to enjoy the way it is. If they wanted the California lifestyle they would not be moving. Of course, I am sure they will bring some ideas with them. For example, the developer of The Village at Meridian is from CA.

Californians are not the only ones  moving here though. I have talked to people across the United States and Boise has a great reputation. Many people seem to have telecommuting jobs or are retired or semi-retired. Several people request to look at homes for sale closer to the airport but when we explain that you can get across the valley in under 30 minutes, they like the thought of Boise even more.

While schools are important to parents many people want more of the country life. They want to be in a surrounding communities with not necessarily acreage but uncrowded places and lots of space. Some want amenities like a pool and others want places with fewer CC&R's. It seems like everybody wants plenty of garage space for toys and outdoor living space is also a priority.

So why are you moving to Boise, ID? We are ready to help you when you need us. Ask for our 2016 New Community Buying Guide.

Posted by tlangford at 2/3/2016 1:36:00 PM

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