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If you are familiar with our website that statement easily resonates with you. It is by far the most informative real estate website around. We hear everyday how agents use our site and are sending their clients to use it as well. Admittedly, we hope visitors with other agents are getting the same service we offer. Our expertise between everyone on our team is hard to beat.

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Did you know that many sub-contractors and other builders utilize this site as well? At least once a week someone within the industry calls me looking for directions to a house or subdivision.

The purpose of this blog is just to let you know that Build Idaho is filled with information, stats, reports and charts. They are yours to use and when you are ready to buy a home, consider using our real estate services including builder recommendations, community referrals and insights as well as our negotiating skills. So if you are looking at homes for sale in the Boise area, we are here to help.

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