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Meet the Azure Properties Builders

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Azure Properties builds extrordinary custom and luxury style homes in Boise and surrounding areas. They have a fresh and inovative take on design and what a home can look like. They are dedicated to their clients and produce a home they both can be proud of. We at Build Idaho have created a few videos to introduce our audiance to the builders of Azure Properties.

Azure Properties is a relatively new to the custom building scene but they are far from lacking experience. Combined Dustin and Michael have about 30 years of experience. If that doesn't sound impressive then consider they have experience in picking lots to maximize the usage of the home layout, they know to build the house at every stage, and they have the know how to manage and budget and come in on time. They are the ones on the job sight making sure things are getting done efficiently and to the highest standards people expect from an Azure Property home.

Individual Interview

Meet Dustin Forrest

Meet Michael Eisenbeiss

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