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Looking for a new home in Boise Idaho is a daunting task if you want to base your decision on the quality reputation of the builder. There are some 160 builders in Boise to choose from.

It is unbelievable to me that someone would buy a home from a builder with no reputation or track record. That being said, I consider myself an entrepreneur and am all for people who believe they can do something better or provide a better value to start a business. But a home is a little different than selling a widget or service. Someone is going to spend on average over $200k for a home and is depending on the builder to have done his job correctly.

Most builders have experience but going from a drywall subcontractor to becoming a builder is a big jump. Being responsible for one piece of the entire process to managing the entire structure including the financial risk is a leap. It is the financial risk that I believe is the most dangerous element for a new builder. If something goes wrong, and something always goes wrong, is he going to fix it? Will they just patch it? Will they have to cut corners somewhere else so that they do not lose money?

My experience is that people who are financially strapped make bad decisions. People that cannot afford to do the right thing or do not have the resources to make a good decisions are not the people you want to do business with. Again, everyone deserves a chance but are you wanting to be someone's guinea pig? Do you want to pay them to get experience? Are you willing to bet that the first home some new builder tries got it right the first time? If you are, they are probably family?

So who can you trust? Here are some criteria that may help you.

  1. Longevity.
    If they have been around the block, they have definitely learned a thing or two about new construction.
  2. Testimonials
    Anyone can get a testimonial but what I would recommend is finding the last 6 clients or visit a community where they recently built and talk to some neighbors. Ask them about the quality of their home, defects and client experience?
  3. Actually Meet the Builder
    Set up a time to learn about the builder's style, communication and service. What is your gut telling you? I would also remind you that you are about to hire someone to do a job. This is not about making a new friend?

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