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I sat with a builder yesterday and early in the meeting he says to client "Building a home is the easy part." I was floored he would say that. I wondered where he was going?

As soon as he was ready to reveal what the hardest part was, he looked at me. We both laughed because he knew he had my attention! So he says, "the hardest part is finding a building lot."

What is the hardest part of building a home?

He was so right. Everything hinges on finding the homesite.

  • The Right community for our client
  • The right size lot for their home (approximately 3 thousand square feet)
  • And wide enough homesite so that there is the required spacing between the home and property lines
  • A lot that faces the right direction
  • And most importantly fits into their budget

Most people don't think about it much, but a home costs relatively the same to build across the valley. Building Permit costs may vary but sub-contractors and all the supplies cost the same whether you are in North Boise or Caldwell. So it is the lot that is really the variable. Land prices vary greatly!

One of the factors in choosing a lot is that many are tied to builders. So if you are set on a particular builder, especially at home values under $400k, options get a little tricky. Many subdivision at this price point and under have builder teams or a developed by a particular builder. For builder teams the situation can vary as well. Some subdivisions, you can choose your builder and your lot. Others, the builder owns selected lots.

Did you know there are some 300 communities across the Boise Valley offering building lots or new homes for sale? There are also some 160 active builders in the area looking to earn your business. What does this mean to you. Not only do you have options but it is very competitive. One thing that most of our out of state buyers notice is that most every home comes with all the bells and whistles up front, not as upgrades. Spec homes are not empty boxes but more like a showroom, especially in upper end homes. Buillders are having to build their homes as top of the line, They do not want you comparing homes and determining their home to be 'lesser.'

If we can help you navigate the vast landscape of new communities or recommend builders, track us down!

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 7/14/2016 3:56:00 PM
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