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Where do you start to Build a Custom Home?

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One quesiton we get quite frequently from people interested in building a custom home because they cannot find what they want is about building a house. Loaded question. Unfortunately in this market, meaning the market is very active and builders are selling, there are lots of variables.

Here is a breakdown of how to proceed in the current Boise Real Estate market for building a custom home.

First let me start with the standard answer- How much are you approved for? This is important because while a home at any price point  can be customized, the production builders seem to have the market for under $300k and under.

Scenario #1: You know what Builder you want to use
The problem now is does the builder have any lots to build on or a preferred builder in a subdivision that matches what you need? The next problem is if have to work with what the builder has available.

Scenario #2: You know what Community you want to live in
If you were hoping to bring your own builder and it has a dedicated builder team, you are going to have to use one of their builders. Another scenario is that buidlers own the lots and therefore, whatever lot you choose, you are also choosing that builder.

The larger your budget, the more flexibility you will have. In general, if it is a lot for sale, you can buy the lot and bring your own builder. If it is a build to suit, normally you are required to use the builder assoicaiated with the listing.

Not that it is complicated but there are a couple of scenarios you should understand before you start choosing your path. Generally, at about $450k  price point that lots start to open up for 'bring your own builder' more often. The last thing you should remember is that not all builders are created equal. If you need help, get a recommendation.

Posted by tlangford at 7/25/2016 6:49:00 PM

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