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Touring Homes in 100 degree Boise weather

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Some people may be thinking that it is to hot to tour homes but really, now is when the home's performance really shows.

If you are looking at existing homes, imparticular, now is a great time to tour homes and see how comfortable they are. New homes may not be as obvious because the building codes are high enough that they should perform well though there are always exceptions to the rule.

If you go to an existing  home and walk in, check the thermostat. Does the home feel comfortable and does it feel like the temperature it is set to? If it does not, that may be a sign is not insulated well, or well enough. You could take a quick look at the AC system and see if it looks up to date and like it shoudl be performing. well. You should have the home inspected, expecially if you have questions. Another option would be to have a local HVAC professional inspect the unit. You will not want to move into a house and find out the air conditioning unit needs to be replaced!

Many people buy a home based on how much they like it aesthetically which is fine but we have blogged numerous times that you are spending a lot of money and should keep your emotions in check. This is a good time to lean on your agent to take care of details that you may not be thinking about. A professional and experienced agent will help you with inspections and if there need to be modifications to your offer to buy the house.

Sometimes people get buyer's remorse after the excitement wears off and they realize that they did not think things all the way through. On the other hand, buyers that know the market, know what they want, stick to the plan and focused on getting the best home for their family including the dog stay are more likely to make good decisions.

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Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 7/26/2016 2:28:00 PM

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