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What is really important to home buyers?

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Everyday people are shopping for homes in the Boise area but what are they shopping for? Everyone is different has has different value requirements.

Some people are buying their first home while others searching for the last. Some people are looking for a deal while others have found the perfect house and willing to offer more than the asking price. Some people want  a new home and get exactly what they what they want plus not having to worry about maintenance, at least for a while. Some people are looking to get more house for their money and determining how much it may cost them to maintain, update or renovate in the short term.

There are many people searching homes for sale today and determining what is most valuable to them. Do they want a view or to be near a certain location like work, daycare or a hospital? Do they want to live in the Bose Foothills or far out in the desert. For everyone, the balance is a little different but it is all part of the pursuit of happiness and home ownership.

Everyone knows there are a lot of out of state buyers. One of the things that always makes me feel good is how many people have visited Boise and have fallen in love with the area. While there are many things that make Boise attractive like economics, values, safety and outdors; people truly enjoy being here and look forward to the day they can move here. Why are you looking for a house?

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Posted by tlangford at 7/30/2016 2:38:00 PM

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