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You get what you get, so don't throw a fit?

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Build Idaho just did a contract with a production builder and it was a great experience but also reminded me that their business model is streamlined. While they took great care of the home buyer, it was a reminder that they are a production builder, not more, not less.

The client should be able to get everything that they want in their house and honestly, I thought the price seemed very fair. But; a production builder's business is based on being efficient and streamlined. Things are simple because they have to be for the builder to make money. The bulder makes things so they are replicatable. They pay bulk prices for commodities and services. They have every sub-contractor on a schedule they do not deviate from because the problem creates rippling effects. They are a cost effective building machine.

So why would someone use a production builder? You get more house for your money! But do not be fooled, the builder is not going to do things that are outside the scope of the experience they want to provide customers. For example, if you want your trees and bushes in certain places, they will not do it? If you want additional landscaping, you will do it on your own. Again, their business model and the people they pay to get the job done are also streamlined. When the landscaper shows up, not only do they have limited time to get it done but they do not make enough money (probably) to spend an extra hour with a home owner discussing where the tree should go. They should have other homes to do that day as well.

Custom and Semi-Custom builders would have enough money in the project  and a sizable enough budget that the landscaper would want to meet with you to get the yard like you want it. When you are planting many plants and you get to choose, the landscaper wants your input so he gets it right. Also, they do not want to have to come back out.

So this post is just a reminder, you get what you pay for. A production builder will build more home for your money. They will buid a quality home that you can be proud of. They have staff that will communicate with you throughout the entire process and take care of you. They provide many options and upgrades for you to choose from to personalize your home. but.... do not expect them to deviate from their model of construction. You get what you get. What is included is all that is included. Everything costs extra but they will not do whatever you ask of them, even if you are willing to pay for it.

If you are going to want lots of attention and to design lots of changes to a floorplan or foresee making many changes along the way, you should be talking to a smaller builder who will take the time to listen and add the changes to your house. They will still charge you but not only do they have the time but that is the kind of customer service a smaller builder can offer.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 8/2/2016 1:27:00 PM

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