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Buying a home is one of the most important dcisions you will ever make. It is not only a large purchase but for most people, their entire life is centered around 'home,' so the decision also affects friends and family.

If you have read our blogs over the years, you know we preach to make a good decision that is not based purely on how you feel. Most people can walk into a home and know within minutes if it is "The One!" From here, the decision making process can get interesting. You can go with your gut and make a hurried decision? You can listen to your friends and family advice? You could get cold feet and back away?

The best place to be is not in a hurry. Go through the process being smart. Go back and take a second tour and really take a good look. You know it appeals to you but is it functional? Does the floorplan work for you and will it work in the coming years? What about the yard, is it big enough or small enough? Are there enough garage bays for your stuff? Are there enough storage areas for the rest of your stuff? Is the living room and patio big enough to entertain the way you like to?

If it is an existing home, does it look well maintained because it is going to be something you are going to have to fix if not! Don't forget the home inspection! This document is going to be the first line of how much the home may cost you in the first year for repairs, renovations and upgrades. Note: many people use this as a negotating tool. Really this is just security that there are no major defects and if they are found to help you get a home that is worth what you are willing to pay for it.

So when you find the home you want, be smart. Do your due diligence and let the team of professionals you have hired do their job. Listen but filter what is opinion versus what is common sense and business sense. Keep a level head in your home search. Just because it has the best man cave in the state of Idaho does not mean the house overall is for you? Also, listen to your loan professional and understand what the home is going to cost you. Is spending more to get more better then spending less to be happy with what you have and be able to have more money at the end of the month?

And don't forget to look beyond the house. Go meet some neighbors. Are services you require nearby like work, child care or hospitals? Where is the grocery store? Walgreens? Wal-Mart? Whatever it is that makes life convenient. Are the relatives close enough or to close? Let's close this blog on that note!

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 8/4/2016 2:00:00 PM

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