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If you want to build a custom home in Boise Idaho, where do you start?

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Most people do two things: Visit Houzz and check out homes for sale. There are not really any model homes in the Boise area and there are not any showrooms that are promoted to the public for display. So what is one to do.

Most people do what they know and are comfortable with, which is why Houzz and touring homes for sale is the most popular. Another popular method is getting referrals; however, many of these are opinions and not insights. It is your search for your homesites and builders that will be the most fruitlful as there are many options. Finding the right fit is what is important, no matter how you get there. Of course, depending on the builder, having it in writing or good communication is very important.

Boise IDaho Custom Home BuilderThe #1 factor most people using in selecting a a builder is how they feel. For those that read our blogs, you know that we preach to choose any professional as if you were hiring an employee. You should use your money to hire the best you can. Some of this is going to come from your instincts but don't soley rely how you feel. You need to know you are working for a successful builder with procedure in place to ensure you are going to get what you want. Understanding the builders process when there are changes is very important. You should check with several past clients on their experience.

As part of building a custom home, you may want to consider hiring an interior deisgner. It can be a great investmentt if you know you do not have a handle on your style or want someone to help bring everything together. Many custom home builders have someone they hire to help you. Some builders just send you out to different vendors and retail stores to shop on your own?

Build Idaho offers a builder recommendation service. We monitor new communities and building permits so we are aware of new builds in the Boise area. We also meet with builders on a regular basis and know many of them personally. Additionally, we are surrounded by many other real estate agents that we meet at the water cooler!

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