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The demand for new homes in Boise remained strong throughout the year. The best thing for developers and builders was that all market segments and price points had interest from buyers. Here at Build Idaho headquarters we consistently receive inquiries from  buyers who are from out of state and they seem to normally talk about retiring here. They all want different things though. Some want acreage a little further out. Others are interested in basing themselves in Boise but plan to travel and looking for something in the low maintenance lifestyle category. Others are interested in high caliber homes with all the bells and whistles.

It looks like this year will end up almost 30% ahead of last year but what can we expect in 2015? Great question, while I am not an Idaho economist, I talk to home buyers every week. What I am hearing is that they love Boise. They are not moving here based on the economy they want the smaller city with great outdoor activities. They want some culture and shopping but it is the lifestyle they are really interested in. Many people we talk to have family here and have been coming for years already. They are familiar with the territory and love it! Of course, it helps that they already have family here. At any rate, it seems that they have been waiting til the time got right to make their move whether it be retirement or change in jobs.

2016 should be a lot more of the same.  We often here how other places are not as appealing anymore for a variety of reasons. People mention how they like the culture, atmosphere, outdoors and local economy around Boise.

Posted by tlangford at 12/16/2015 5:25:00 PM
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